Due to different time zone of members in different countries, the same day delivery shall be made and
guaranteed by Interflora Thailand under the following terms and conditions;

The acceptance of each order shall depend on the rules and regulations of the executing member country
which may varies.
For Thailand, delivery can be made during office hour of 0900-1700 of Monday till Saturday, except on
the national holiday. Interflora Thailand shall deliver as scheduled at their best effort.
The customer shall provide correct information of recipient in details; name & family name, house
number, road, town, postal code, land mark (if available), local phone & mobile phone.

Delivery to the hospital, provide the hospital name, ward, patient name, room number. In some case,
delivery may be made to the receptionist.

Delivery to the hotel, provide the recipient name, room number, the name of tour group & agency.

Delivery may be made to the reception desk.

For special order or special instruction, delivery may be vary as advised individually.
No guarantee for delivery to military camp, naval base, port or airport. Make sure that the information
provided is in detail and correct enough to deliver.

Delivery to the funeral needs the name of the deceased, and contact point.We may contact recipient by phone in advance to arrange delivery. If recipient can not be reached, we will contact the customer asap.

Third party delivery to neighbor, receptionist etc may be applied in some particular case. In case that recipient do not accept the flowers with no adequate reason, customer shall be responsible for all expense incurred


Flowers are seasonal products, and some varieties will therefore not always be available at florists in some area. However, we will replace with the other kind of flowers with the same value and colour if the order items is not available.